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Early Education

Toddler, Preschool, & Transitional Kindergarten

Director: Michele Smith

Registrar: René Reyes Jr.

Phone: (510) 744-2260


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Kindergarten & Grades 1-5

Principal: Rick Troia,

Extended Care Director: Lonna Eshelman,

Phone: (510) 744-2270

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Junior High & High School

Principal: Cheryl Troia,

Phone: (510) 744-2280

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Admissions & Records Office

Kindergarten & Grades 1-12

Registrar: Danielle Gasper

Admissions Staff: Emily Bean, Lauri Inman

Phone: (510) 744-2241


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Business Office

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Staff: Cassandra Ochoa, Sue Jones

Phone: (510) 744-2253, (510) 744-2249


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Kindergarten & Grades 1-12

Phone: (510) 744-2241


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Head of School's Office

Head of School: Dr. Tricia Meyer

Phone: (510) 744-2267

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Requesting Copy of Your Transcript

Admissions Office

Please send in a written request via email to our Admissions Office:

Provide the following:

  • First & Last Name (maiden name, if applicable)
  • Year of Graduation
  • School Name and School Address / Employer Name and Employer Address
  •  Indicate if you need an Official or Unofficial copy

Typical processing time is three to five (3-5) business days. 

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Campus Directions & Office Locations

Fremont Christian School shares its campus with Harbor Light Church.

4760 Thornton Ave, Fremont, CA 94536

The campus is located off of the I-880 freeway. Take the Thornton Avenue East exit. If exiting I-880 North, turn right (R) on Thornton Avenue. If exiting I-880 South, turn left (L) on Thornton Avenue.

We are located just a few blocks down Thornton Avenue on your right (R). Park in either our first or second parking lot. The first is a large lot near the field, and the second is the lot with the flagpoles and preschool parent parking.

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The Business Office is located on the West side of the Harbor Light Church building, marked by a sign above the door, reading: Business Office.

Elementary & Early Education: 

The Elementary Office is located in the two-story building, called the Rankin Building. It is decorated with a shiny elevator column and brick facing.

The Early Education Department is also reached by first checking in at the Rankin Building - Atrium. It is located on campus in a one-story building, with gated preschool classrooms and playground.


Sitting right next to the baseball field is a one-story building, which houses the Secondary Campus Office.


The Admissions & Records Office is a one-story building between the two partking lots. The front door faces the first parking lot, and is marked by a sign to the right of the door, reading: Admissions Office.