Curriculum Overview

Fremont Christian School is committed to providing a progressive, research-supported education for our students.  In 2010, we began implementing instructional changes across the curriculum. In grades K-12, the paradigm shift is reflected in education from a system of lecture, isolated study, memorization, and regurgitation to one of high academic expectations, analysis, teamwork, communication, and creativity.  As a private school, Fremont Christian School has the latitude to innovate and figure out what works best for our students and implement curricular changes as needed.


One of our goals at FCS is to provide a 21st century education for our students.  We work with our students to develop 21st century skills – communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking – that go beyond the content and that they will be able to draw on throughout their schooling and future careers.


At FCS, we know that curriculum is not a textbook, although well-researched, thoughtfully designed textbooks are a great resource for teachers.  Curriculum encompasses not only the materials that are used for instruction but also includes the overall plan for instruction, the instructional strategies and practices, the standards, and the underlying philosophies and ethos of the school.  Teachers develop curriculum by using textbooks, original documents, magazines, media, non-fiction, fiction, all available resources, strategies, and design skills to create an engaging, challenging environment for every student.  What a teacher prepares, presents, and assesses is curriculum...

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Elementary and Secondary sections included, as well as a Final Note for families.