Financial Aid


Fremont Christian School (FCS) strives to assist all eligible students in securing the finances necessary to attend the school.  We offer confidential, need-based assistance contingent upon the funds available at the time of disbursement.  Financial aid awards do not require re-payment.  Approximately 8% of our current students receive some form of financial assistance.  Although the admission and financial aid processes are separate, they do occur simultaneously.  Requests for financial aid are usually made at the time of the initial admission inquiry. 

You must be a returning student or a current admission applicant to be considered for financial aid. 

In order to continue to receive aid in successive years, students awarded financial aid must meet the academic and disciplinary good standing expected of all students at Fremont Christian School.  Families must re-apply each year for financial aid, and awards may vary depending on changes in a family's finances as determined by the current application for aid.  In separated or divorced families, please provide all legal documentation that clearly states each parent’s financial responsibility for their child’s educational costs. 

Returning families are encouraged to apply for financial aid between February 1 and March 9.  New families will have until June 1 to apply.  Only complete applications will be considered.  A complete application includes submitting all required tax information for the current and previous years.  

For more information about financial aid, please contact the Admissions Office at (510) 744-2241 or the Director of Admissions, Tom Bean at  



Step 1 – Complete the Financial Aid Worksheet

Step 2 - Submit your Online Application 

Returning and new families must submit the online financial aid application to Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS). Download the application worksheet so that you may gather all necessary information prior to applying online.  When you submit your application through TADS there is a small fee assessed on their website. 

Step 3 - Send your Tax Information to TADS 

  • Upload documents directly to the TADS site.Once an application has been submitted a tab will be available for you to upload your documents. This is the most secured method and preferred.Your documents are then clearly associated with your financial aid application.

  • or Fax your documents to TADS at (615) 548-3326

Mailing tax documents through the United States Postal Service is NOT recommended as there is a far greater chance of them getting lost.  Sending through the mail may also delay the process for approval.

Click here for worksheet:

Click here to apply at

When you are ready to apply online, click the TADS icon below to begin your application:

Click here to apply at



  • Returning Families Deadline - Complete applications are due by March 9 to TADS.  Families will be notified of any financial aid award in writing by May 1.

  • New Families Deadline - Submitted enrollment application is required for financial aid consideration. Complete applications are due by June 1 to TADS.  Families will be notified of any financial aid award in writing by August 1.

  • Final Deadline* - Complete applications due by August 22 to TADS.  Families will be notified by October 1 and all payments due before October 1 must be paid in full and on time.  *Please note that there are rarely funds available at this late date.

  • Only COMPLETE applications will be considered, which includes all tax documentation being submitted.



Additional types of financial aid are offered by Fremont Christian School:

  • Designated Donations (Policy 314.1)

  • Ministers Financial Aid (Policy 314.4)

  • Widow/Widower Financial Aid (Policy 314.2)

Designated Donation or Ministers Financial Aid - Submit the FCS paperwork along with re-registration material, by the appropriate deadline given above. All materials are available from the Business Office.

Widow/Widower - This program is available for Harbor Light Church members only.  Please submit the online financial aid application to TADS, along with re-registration material no later than the appropriate deadline above.  FCS will be notified of your completed application by TADS.

Special Program for New Families - FCS participates in the BASIC Fund program which offers financial aid to qualifying families new to Fremont Christian School from grades K-8. You may visit for more information.

Except for Designated Donations, applicants may not receive more than one type of FCS Financial Aid.

Denials of financial aid may be appealed in writing to the FCS Board through the Head of School. 


All programs have requirements with regard to student behavior and student academic performance.


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