Why FCS?

Fremont Christian School is committed to excellence in academic achievement and quality instruction.  We believe emphasis on character development, citizenship, and Christian lifestyle are equally important.  It is our desire to instill in each student the moral strength, spiritual insight, and academic integrity to live his or her life as a responsible citizen and effective Christian.

What our parents say about FCS...

"The quality I love the most about FCS is the sense of community I feel within it. Activities such as Warrior Games and unifying events like Spirit Week create an irreplaceable atmosphere in the high school." – N. U.

“My daughter attended preschool here from 2 to 4.5 years old, and her experience here prepared her well for school life, giving her a solid foundation, strong social skills, and confidence to transition into pre-K and Kindergarten.  We loved it here and only left earlier this year due to a relocation!” – Ann W.

"We have 1 child in elementary and 2 in high school. We like the rigorous academic program, the excellent fine arts program and competitive sports. The teachers can be intense, but they are challenging in a positive way. The campus always looks good and we appreciate the safe environment with a full time security guard. Very diverse community that cares about our kids."  – Submitted by a parent

“After interviewing and getting accepted to about ten private schools, we knew FCS was our #1 choice. FCS is an academic wonderland that inspires children's desire to learn. “ – P. C.

“The kids here are very polite, they say thank you when you open doors for them and they also hold doors open for you when they see you. They say good morning to the staff and even say hi to my daughter with a smile. We were so over focused on academics and program statistics that we didn't really think about this criteria. Of course, how do you gauge if a school is good at teaching manners and being polite?” – Kane C.

“What I love most about FCS - they really teach the kids so much more than academics. They teach them how to make a difference in the world even while they are so young.” – Vickie L.

“Our son attended FCS from Kindergarten through grade 12…The teachers genuinely care about the students they are teaching and invest in the lives of these kids. I can honestly say that the teachers and Administrators of FCS contributed greatly to my son's academic, spiritual, and character growth.” – AnnMarie D.

“Both of my kids love this school. Teachers are helpful and go extra miles to help the kid to grow. It's hard to find a school that teachers care and not just collecting their paychecks. Great school.“ – Submitted by a parent