Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have to be Christian to attend FCS?  

NO.  While all teachers and staff are Christians, we welcome and respect students of different faiths. We have additional information available under Our Faith Position


Q: Do FCS graduates qualify for academic scholarships?  

YES.  The Class of 2018 received over $5 million in academic merit scholarships. See more information about our graduating class at Class of 2018 Outcomes


Q: Does FCS offer financial aid, scholarships, or discounts?

YES. Information for tuition assistance is under the Admissions tab on the Tuition Assistance page.

Tuition discounts are listed under Tuition & Fees


Q: Does FCS accept international students? 

YES. We have seats available for international students as young as kindergarten through the end of high school.

Find more information on international students on the International Students page.


Q: Who can I contact at the school?

Contact Us will provide the relevant office information.

You can also place a call to Admissions & Records at 510.744.2241 and we will be happy to connect you with the correct person. 


Q: How is FCS different from other private schools?  

FCS is a non-profit organization and the only private high school in the Tri-Cities. We partner with families to provide everyday kids both an extraordinary education and genuine encounters with Jesus, all within a community of compassion.