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Oliver's News

September 28, 2017
By Admissions Office

This is the story of Oliver and how his time with FCS Young Preschool has helped him at home, shared by his parents.

Oliver has started to use words like “yes,” “no,” “milk,” “bus,” “stop,” “car,” “blue,” and more when at home. We are all very happy to see that.

He had a little separation anxiety at the first two weeks since it was a new environment, but now everything is going smoothly and it’s great.  Morning drop-off is very easy and no worries for me.

And the most exciting thing is that he started showing interest in potty training. Without your help, he may not be able to learn that fast.

Thank you for teaching him how to interact with peers and learn valuable lessons such as how to share, follow instruction, and take turns. It also benefits him for kindergarten and beyond.

We are extremely grateful for your help.

Oliver's Family

Junior High Girls Softball Win

September 27, 2017
By Admissions Office

Congratulations to the Lady Warriors Junior High Softball team who beat Redwood Christian 5 to 0 on Thursday, September 21!

Great defense played by Kayla C., while McKenna N. pitched a shutout and also hit a home run! Keely C. had three hits, including a triple. Veronique V. had two great hits and scored twice. 

We're proud of you, and all your hard work! Looking forward to the next game. 

Go Warriors!

Junior High Baseball Win

September 26, 2017
By Admissions Office

Congrats to the Junior High Boys Baseball team on their 4 to 1 victory Monday, September 19, over Redwood Christian.

Daniel L. pitched beautifully! He struck out ten batters and also had a hit. Jadon C. pitched two solid innings, and hit a two run homer! Emilio M. hit a triple and a single, and had sparkling defense.

It was a great team effort for the Warriors. We're looking forward to the next game. 

Go Warriors!

AP Biology - First Lab 2017-2018

September 01, 2017
By Admissions Office

These AP Biology students are conducting an inquiry-based investigation of animal behavior. Students observe the orientation and movement behavior of pill bugs (rolly polys) in response to environmental stimuli.

Groups design and set up their own experiment, record the pill bug preferences, and analyze the results to determine what type of orientation behaviors the pill bugs display.

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