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Preschool: World Showcase 2016

June 01, 2016
By Admissions Office
Over the past six weeks, children in every FCS Preschool classroom became fully immersed in Social Science and History by exploring different countries all over the world to answer: 
  • What is it like to be a child of another country?

FCS Preschool Teachers have supported age-appropriate exposure to the Areas of Knowledge embedded in Social Science and History in relation to the country of exploration. Children were introduced to where and how people live, what they eat, their traditional clothing, geographical landmarks of locations, plants, animals, exposure to new languages through language and literacy, major historical events, music, dance, sports, culture, and diversity.

This year we selected Social-Studies as our subject area that includes an emphasis on culture, diversity, relationships, geography, care for the natural world, an understanding of the physical world through maps and drawings, as well as a spiritual emphasis to pray for our nation’s needs (CA Preschool Foundations Vol. 3). Each classroom selected a country to investigate and explore. 

  • Self and Society: Beginning to identify with how their family does things and understand that other families and people have ways of doing things that are different or similar to what their family does.

  • Civics: How to live with others and how rules work, such as taking turns to go down the slide.

  • History: Events that happened in the past, even before they were born, such as when their mommy was a little girl.

  • Geography: The location of familiar places in relation to each other, such as knowing the way to preschool or that the park is across the street from the grocery store, and the different kinds of places where people live.

  • Ecology: Learning to take care of earth and animals [for example, not wasting water].

  • Economics: A beginning understanding of money and the exchange of things and services, such as groceries purchased at the store.

Congratulations to all the children and teachers on a successful World Showcase event, and thank you to all of our families for participating in the evening event. Your participation truly made the evening special!

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