Secondary (6-12)

Curriculum Statement

Fremont Christian is committed to curriculum and instruction that is research supported and standards-based.  California has some of the most stringent and well-written standards in the United States.  Recently, California adopted the Common Core State Standards ( for language arts and mathematics.  Implementation of these new standards will take time.  Every year, FCS evaluates its curriculum; as publishers and the state migrate to incorporating the CCSS, FCS will evaluate the appropriateness and rigor of these standards and determine their place in our program.  

While there is also no perfect curriculum, the materials FCS provides to our faculty are meant as quality tools for providing instruction to our students.  As professionals trained to instruct and educate children, teachers make instructional decisions to use the strengths of the materials and supplement the weaknesses to provide the most balanced, research supported, and standards-based instruction to their students.  In our continuing effort to improve on and provide an excellent education grounded in a biblical worldview, both the administrative and instructional staff at FCS are committed to best instructional practices and making the changes necessary to achieve this goal.