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FCS Class of 2021, Simeon Godwin

Simeon Godwin began FCS as a two-and-a-half-year-old student in the preschool program and is currently a senior in the high school class of 2021. "I am so proud of Simeon and know that God has great plans for his life," says Ms. Aymes, one of his early-education teachers. “It has been a privilege seeing him grow into the fine young man that he is today.”

Simeon's high school accomplishments have been highlighted by special recognition in leadership, his role as a scholar-athlete, his participation in a competitive quiz team, and his performances with the jazz band and choir. He is a National Merit Scholarship Competition Finalist (one of three in the FCS Class of 2021) as well as an AP Scholar with Distinction, and will likely receive further honors after the May 2021 AP exams. Simeon shared: “My favorite part of attending FCS was the ability to develop close relationships with peers and faculty while having the opportunity to participate in diverse activities.”

Why FCS?

Simeon's parents' primary criteria when first choosing a school was that their son be taught Christian values. They also needed extra care for Simeon outside of regular school hours. After being introduced to FCS they thought, "These people are caring, loving. We trust them. This is a place where we would want our child to spend his hours outside our home."

Why did they stay for 13+ years?

Opportunity. “Our son got to experience more than academic studies. He has always been involved in so many different things! He took on playing the French horn — a challenging instrument — as a junior higher. He also picked up the banjo and toured Europe with the FCS Traditional Jazz Band.”

Good Friends. “Simeon has always had good relationships with other students. As parents, we also now have lifelong friends. That's really great to have.”

Values. “We like to see discipline and we definitely could see that our child was well-mannered. For him to be around teachers and kids that helped instill those values really stood out to us.”

College Preparation. “We saw his leadership skills grow over his years at FCS. His fifth-grade teacher told us he was a leader and really influenced other kids. Simeon was elected United Student Body President for the 2020–21 school year, and the skills he's learning will help him in college for sure.”

Simeon has applied to multiple highly ranked public and private universities. He hopes to major in data science or statistics and pursue a career in the field of data analytics.

Big-School Opportunities in a Small-School Environment