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January Term (J-Term) is a two-week concentrated program including academic and creative courses. J-Term is an interim between the first and second semesters for high school. It is a time for students to explore new classes beyond the standard college-prep and advanced placement curriculum. Students take two three-hour block classes or complete a career specific internship, earning graduation credit that will appear on their high school transcripts so they are evident to prospective colleges and universities. At the close of J-Term, the high school campus visits the Santa Cruz mountains for team-building exercises, discipleship, and community enriching experiences. 

The primary objectives of J-Term are to encourage new relationships and student engagement in specialized and concentrated study, preferably in an area of interest. As registration occurs we will consider elements of class dynamic in order to serve the school objectives for this program. Also, very popular courses have more requests than can be met. Occasionally, a student may be asked to make additional courses after the regular sign-up date. Ultimately, we will make course assignments that we believe serve school objectives best. This means that we will not be able to accommodate every student's initial choices every time and will not be able to make changes to student schedules once J-Term course scheduling is over.

Big school opportunities in a small school environment: Fremont Christian School partners with families to provide our every day kids both an extraordinary education and genuine encounters with Jesus, all within a community of compassion.