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Apply Online

Please contact the Admissions & Records Office for more information on your grade level of interest. You can view and fill out an application to FCS online. Call us at 510.744.2241 or email us at

Read through the information below on the Application Process and Requirements for Admissions

Entire Process: First Visit to Registration

Come Visit Our Campus

FCS has many different tour experiences, each designed to give you and your student a window into our community. Refer to our Come Visit FCS page to arrange a tour.

Submit Your Application & Documents

Applications are completed online. Create an account and submit the core application via our website! Each application will have required supplemental documents, listed and linked within the online application. Both the online application and its supplemental documents must be turned in to complete this step of submitting an application.

Early Education applications are accepted year-round. If you wish to enroll your toddler or preschool child, please contact the Early Education Department at 510-744-2260 or to confirm space availability. When ready, please apply online. 

Administrative Interview

Upon receipt and review of the completed application and required supplemental documents, the campus will contact you to schedule an interview. Early Education interviews include the family and the campus administrator; these also include a classroom observation period. Elementary interviews are conducted with the family and campus administrator. Secondary interviews are typically conducted as a one-on-one with the applicant and the campus administrator.

Admissions Testing

When the school contacts you to schedule an interview, you will be informed if placement testing is required. This is highly dependent upon the entering grade and each student's grades and test scores.

Decision Letter & Registration

At the time of acceptance, you will be required to pay the registration fee, technology fee (K-12 only), and first month's tuition in order to enroll your student and have their place secured. Please review financial information at Tuition & Fees.

Additional Notes

Fremont Christian School will still accept local applications during the middle of the school year, with the exception of high school grades 9-12. 

A possible start date for mid-year applicants is considered by the head of school. FCS will usually allow immediate starts for admitted elementary and junior high school students but may determine high school student start dates to only be appropriate during the early weeks of a semester.

Special circumstances may be reviewed (such as a family move), so please submit a written explanation, a copy of the transcript, and a current progress report to the Admissions & Records Office for consideration:

Fremont Christian School does not accept requests for grade level acceleration from new or returning students.

In very rare cases, for returning students only, upon the recommendation of the FCS early education instructors and leadership accompanied by two FCS early education assessments, the Admissions Committee and Head of School may offer the opportunity to accelerate to a continuing FCS student. This is unusual and uncommon. An acceleration offer is made before Kindergarten admissions letters are distributed in March each year.

It is our desire that every student is given the opportunity to reach their potential and work at a level that is appropriately challenging. There are instances when a student’s developmental age is beyond their chronological age, and a parent may seek to advance their child’s grade level in order to address this need. Realizing this, FCS has established criteria to help guide the process of placement for these individuals.

Please contact Admissions & Records to request the consideration criteria: 


Fremont Christian School seeks to admit students who will be contributing members of the social and academic environment of the secondary campus. During the application, testing and interview process, Fremont Christian School takes particular notice of information that contributes to an understanding of a student’s ability and willingness to cooperate and pursue success.

The following issues are of primary concern and failure to meet these expectations may result in an application being returned immediately:
  • Prospective students must have a “clean” behavior record. This is usually interpreted as having not been suspended or expelled during the last school year. However, the nature of an earlier suspension or expulsion may also contribute to a decision to not accept. Patterns of behavior are carefully evaluated.

  • Prospective students must have earned at least a 2.0 GPA and no “F” grades during the last two (2) academic semesters.

  • Generally, prospective students must not be in Grade 12 or 18 years old at the time of admission.

If your child meets these minimum requirements, please begin the application process by opening an online application account. Once your child's application is submitted along with the supplemental forms, you will be contacted for interview.  

If your child does not meet the minimum requirements, but you still wish to file an application and include an explanation of extenuating circumstances, please note that all applications filed are subject to a non-refundable application fee. This explanation should be submitted in writing to Admissions & Records: It will then be forwarded to the Admissions Committee for a decision on approval to apply. Please see the appropriate tuition schedule available under Tuition & Fees for fee details.

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