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FCS Academic & College Counseling provides a supportive environment in which students can identify their goals, reflect on their talents and passions, and make confident decisions about higher education. We guide students in the self-reflection and evaluation, research, and application writing that is the key to good college selection.

A key element in the college application process is finding the fit for each individual student. Just getting into college is not the focus: getting into the right school is. The goal is to provide our students with the solid foundation and guide their college selection process so they will be successful in college and in life.

Our Academic & College Counseling Office offers a variety of support and opportunities to our students.

  • The 1-1 course planning and advising formally begin in 8th grade with a counselor to help students start to envision their post-secondary goals and create a strong academic record.

  • Applied College and Career Readiness (ACCR) course for all 8th grade students to establish a solid foundation for high school and college entry. Students learn to navigate Google Applications, explore college majors and career fit through interest and aptitude assessments, resume building, online presence, and hear first-hand from guest speakers about their careers. Additionally, students learn elements of critical thinking and debate and are educated in the art of business etiquette useful in making polished first impressions for college or job interviews.

  • January Term College Application course is offered to all high school students. This course offers an opportunity for students to dive deeper into career and major fit through assessments, learn about specific college profiles, and practice drafting their college essays and honing their college interviewing skills.

  • In our Academic & College Counseling Office, counselors manage fewer than 100 students each allowing counselors to get to know each student personally and providing tailored guidance to each family.

  • Hands-on opportunities to explore through on-campus college fairs, college representative visits, local college trips, overnight college tours, and college application workshops.

The Academic & College Counseling Office is located among the secondary classrooms, making our counselors readily accessible. Our open door policy allows students to stop in with quick questions and easily schedule longer sit-down appointments. Parents are welcome to schedule in-person or virtual meetings with their child’s counselor as well. We implement software tools as an additional support for college and career exploration. Each student will have a personalized profile where they are able to engage career assessments, scholarship search resources, resume building tools, and college search information.

Big-School Opportunities in a Small-School Environment