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Fremont Christian School is committed to excellence in academic achievement and quality instruction. We believe emphasis on character development, citizenship, and Christian lifestyle are equally important. It is our desire to instill in each student the moral strength, spiritual insight, and academic integrity to live his or her life as a responsible citizen and effective Christian.

Read below to see what our families, students, and alumni say about FCS.


"The quality I love the most about FCS is the sense of community I feel within it. Activities such as Warrior Games and unifying events like Spirit Week create an irreplaceable atmosphere in the high school." - N.U.

“My daughter attended preschool here from 2 to 4.5 years old, and her experience here prepared her well for school life, giving her a solid foundation, strong social skills, and confidence to transition into pre-K and Kindergarten.  We loved it here and only left earlier this year due to a relocation!” - Ann W.

"We have one child in elementary and two in high school. We like the rigorous academic program, the excellent fine arts program and competitive sports. The teachers can be intense, but they are challenging in a positive way. The campus always looks good and we appreciate the safe environment with full-time security. Very diverse community that cares about our kids."  - Submitted by a parent

"My daughter started at FCS going into eighth grade. She has been welcomed and encouraged in all areas of academics. The teachers are outstanding, they really care about the kids and take time to help them." - Julie H.

“After interviewing and getting accepted to about ten private schools, we knew FCS was our #1 choice. FCS is an academic wonderland that inspires children's desire to learn.“ - P. C.

"The kids here are very polite, they say thank you when you open doors for them and they also hold doors open for you when they see you. They say good morning to the staff and even say hi to my daughter with a smile. We were so over focused on academics and program statistics that we didn't really think about this criteria. Of course, how do you gauge if a school is good at teaching manners and being polite?” - Kane C.

"What I love most about FCS - they really teach the kids so much more than academics. They teach them how to make a difference in the world even while they are so young.” - Vicki L.

“Our son attended FCS from Kindergarten through grade 12. The teachers genuinely care about the students they are teaching and invest in the lives of these kids. I can honestly say that the teachers and administrators of FCS contributed greatly to my son's academic, spiritual, and character growth.” - AnnMarie D.

“Both of my kids love this school. Teachers are helpful and go the extra mile to help the kid to grow. It's hard to find a school that teachers care and not just collecting their paychecks. Great school." - Submitted by a parent

"Fremont Christian School is a hidden treasure in Fremont. The education is exceptional and the staff surpasses in both professionalism and child development. It extends from preschool through high school which allows your child to have the stability during their formative years. My daughter has attended FCS since preschool and is now a freshman. The dedication, commitment and nurturing to each and every student is overwhelming because each child deserves to be cared for by people who really love what they do." - Kimberly P.

"It’s a great environment to spend my student life here! FCS has great teachers and academics. They have J-term which is unique and absolutely amazing!" - Submitted by a student

"The teacher/student ratio is good. The counselors stay on top of things, no student left out. Their music and drama department is the best with great opportunities. I went to Carnegie in NYC twice for choir." - Submitted by a student

"The small school environment allows anyone to be involved in anything they want. I've participated in three sports, a handful of clubs, the student council, handbells, choir, and took several challenging AP courses. They key to making the most of your time here is to put yourself out there and participate. I've always felt safe here and easily made friends with anyone." - Submitted by an alumni

My son was excited to start high school in 2017. He had expectations for higher learning and was open to the challenge. He was slapped with a harsh reality. Teachers carrying approximately 190 students can't take the time needed to make him feel like they value his input. He soon realized that he was on his own with his education and that he had to be self-motivated at a level expected of a college student. He is 14 years old. The expectations were so unreasonable. If he asked a teacher a question the answer was often "figure it out yourself." And or my personal favorite "look it up on the internet." We had many talks with the staff at the public school which lead to nowhere.

Fellow students either sank or swam without guidance from any teachers. He struggled with feeling overwhelmed and not being able to decide where to start with given tasks. Friends were hard to come by. He said "Everyday is like an emotional punch in my gut." Constant harassment by students made him defensive. He would come home angry and frustrated. I would question him and he wouldn't want to discuss it any further because he has so exhausted defending himself all day. Constantly being on defense altered his core personality. He was miserable. His negativity following him home from school daily put a huge strain on our family. We had a happy well adjusted boy the went into ninth grade with his head held high. Starting in November our happy son turned into a walking ball of negativity. Our son made it through ninth grade.

We as a family decided to look to FCS for education. We took the tour and our son qualified for enrollment. We had no expectations. We have never paid for education at this level. I never really thought that private school was necessary. Why pay when it is provided for free? I was so wrong. What FCS provides is so much more than an education. It took my son about four days to find his groove. He came home after the fifth day of school and said words that I will never forget. My son, with this gigantic smile on his face said "Mom, I found good friends! I can't believe what a difference there is at FCS. I feel that every single teacher I have truly cares about me. Mom, they truly care! They want me to get a good grade. They want me to be successful and they guide me to the answer. They don't brush me off or tell me to figure it out. I feel like there really is a community here." I wanted to smother him with hugs. I wanted to jump for joy and scream with delight. Being the mother of a teenager I couldn't do any of those things. I simply squealed inside my heart and nodded my head and said "I am so glad you feel cared for."

Academically, he walked out of ninth grade with a 2.63 GPA. Currently, he has a 3.88 GPA. The most amazing change is his personality. He is light and uplifted. He look at things with an open mind and new awareness. He is giving and has doubled his patience. He just turned fifteen and when he comes home he usually says "Is there anything I can help you with before I start my homework?" This evolution has filled my soul with utter jubilation. I want to tell everyone I know how amazing FCS is. I want to make an advertisement for the newspaper because I feel anyone would benefit from this learning community. My son has only been on FCS campus for twenty-two days and the change is so vast I can not comprehend the possibilities of his future. Thank you to each and every staff member that has touched his life. Thank you to each and every crossing guard that makes it safer for him to approach the campus. Thank you to each janitor responsible for the cleanliness of the facilities. Thank you to the entire administration and guidance counselors. Thank you to the athletics department and every single teacher. Your positiveness makes a difference for these students. Your examples and guidance are priceless. Our family has our happy son back again. You may spot him on campus. He is the one with the giant smile. He is the one with a bounce in his step. He is the one with his head held high. He is my son. He is happy, which was a feat to conquer.

FCS, if you can do this in twenty-two days I just can't fathom what these three years have in store for us. We are proud to be apart of the FCS community.

- Janet P.

In Summer 2018, I was so nervous moving here from Arizona for Wushu Kung Fu so my daughter could study it intensely. I'd be doing it essentially by myself, with my husband flying here on the weekends. Also, my daughter had been so involved in her previous youth group and attended several youth camps during the summer. It was a lot of change.  

We love all the teachers as well, and my daughter raved about the high school retreat. There are a couple of her teachers that have been amazing with her, but frankly she loves all the teachers. She is grateful for the advising time she gets in her Advisory group as well. She loves the J-Term and Spirit Week. It's all incredible!  

I recently attended the homecoming basketball games - it was impressive to see the seniors get up and thank their parents. In addition, my daughter shared with me how kind one of the boys is; he was leading the boys team in prayer before the kids played. What an awesome school, many amazing students! 

FCS was answer to our families prayers and I recommend this school to all! My daughter fit right in and I never had a complaint about the school. It was God's plan that she attend and meant to be for our family. I am so grateful that my daughter can be a student here at FCS!

- Gianna J.

I have a doctorate degree and wanted our child to also one day have the opportunity to obtain the highest education possible. FCS is an academic wonderland that inspires children's desire to learn. 

At Open House, we noticed: The written projects were nicely done and many of the kids' writing skills improved drastically from what I recall from their kindergarten abilities. I have never seen the triangle project with writing and a photo; the pop-up featured was clever. We enjoyed the book and science projects!

In kindergarten, our child developed solid reading and writing skills. The teacher gave students interactive tools to learn math concepts. 

My child's 1st grade teacher kept the classroom very organized and clean, maintaining a happy environment. We could tell that the kids are learning a lot from him.

The after school programs are awesome. The children have an option to take an instrument, art, chess, or other choices. Our child developed great habits during these top of the line activities. The ladies who help the children are fantastic.

About the office staff: Everyone is very supportive and loving towards the children. Very helpful and resourceful. The principal and head of school are hands on and available. From the top down, FCS is an excellent place.  

Fremont Christian School creates an environment for children to succeed.

- P. C.

This is the best decision I've ever made to send my 3 years old son to this preschool. After I visited and toured quite a few preschools in Fremont, I finally chose FCS, not only because my friend highly recommended it, but also the school's philosophy and the teachers here are so kind and devoted! 

My son was born very premature. I am always worried and concerned about his first experience with school life in an unfamiliar environment. I needed to find a preschool which is safe, with caring teachers of decent morality and friendly classmates, a satisfying teacher-student ratio, a healthy hot lunch, and sufficient nap and outdoor playing time for kids to develop their physical agility skills.

I am so glad I found it! Everyday when I pick up my son, he always smiles and waves to me, and overcame his shyness to say "Goodbye " to teachers and classmates. He is reluctant to go back home with me because there are so much fun to play with other classmates in the play ground! His teachers are passionate and have knowledgeable experience dealing with new kids. They comforted my son during the first couple of separation anxiety days while keeping me updated everyday his behavior in school. Meanwhile, they suggested me not stay in the classroom after hugging and say bye-bye to my son. This worked! It only took him 3-4 days to get used to go to school without tears - much shorter adjustment time than I expected!

- Linda X.

Big-School Opportunities in a Small-School Environment