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Theatre Arts Courses

Junior High: A twelve-week introductory course to drama with action-packed activities in pantomime, acting, character development and stage movement. Students will participate in a wide variety of “theater games” (exercises which teach the basics of acting and movement) to gain an understanding of basic acting principles. As the final project, a short scene will be rehearsed, memorized and performed for the class.

High School: The basics of theatre arts will be studied in this introductory one-year course. Through the presentation of children’s theater productions, skits, radio plays and the like, students will study the various components of acting, as well as some basic stagecraft, lighting, costuming and makeup techniques. All students in the class are required to be on stage, in front of an audience. Students may also be involved in constructing simple scenery, props and/or costumes for their productions.

Theatre Productions - Musicals & Stage Performances

For theatre, Fremont Christian School alternates every other year between a musical production and a stage play.

The musical performances usually have the participation of 200+ students, inclusive of the elementary campus through the high school campus. The students begin rehearsal months ahead of time and have four performances. A professional orchestra is hired, a set is built, and costumes are rented. These productions are put on the opposite years from the Concert Choir going to New York. Our students put in a lot of time and effort to putting on a spectacular musical!

Our play productions are a bit smaller in scale, as the cast size consists of approximately 20 students. Like the musicals, we rehearse for a couple of months and perform four times. A small set is built and a variety of costumes are rented. These productions may be smaller but they do not lack quality, as powerful performances are portrayed by our high school students.

Big school opportunities in a small school environment: Fremont Christian School partners with families to provide our every day kids both an extraordinary education and genuine encounters with Jesus, all within a community of compassion.