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Campus Garden, Part I: The Beginnings

November 07, 2017
By Admissions Office

Original write-up provided by Terry Gregory, edited and published by Emily Bean. This is the first part of a series featuring the campus garden at Fremont Christian School.

The idea for the campus garden originally came from one of our preschool parents in September 2014. They mentioned their idea to the Head of School, Dr. Tricia Meyer. From there, a small garden committee was built, and one of the leaders is Mr. Gregory. He was highly involved with the garden planning, taking workshops from UC Santa Cruz in preparation and campaigning for different projects in order for the campus garden to get started.

The garden committee determined that FCS would have to undertake a large project of reclaiming sections of campus to allow for a garden. There weren’t any plots of land readily available within the current space. The Facilities Department assisted with the plotting and pinpointed an area where land could be used. They devised a three-phase plan in reclaiming land around the Y-Building, and then Facilities staff later assisted with selecting materials for sectioning off the garden and the irrigation system.

Several people outside of the school were used in this planning phase of the garden. A landscape architect agreed that raised bed planters would be a good way to go, in both design and practical use. Another consultant was suggested to FCS, who has extensive experience with planter box construction. This consulted was part of the team for building the garden. As Mr. Gregory wrapped up with each consultant and departments, the complete garden budget was created and the garden construction began! They worked to build on weekends throughout fall and winter 2014.

Big-School Opportunities in a Small-School Environment