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At Fremont Christian School, we pride ourselves on offering a seamless educational journey from preschool through high school graduation. This unique model provides numerous advantages for our students, ensuring a cohesive and enriching learning experience that extends throughout their formative years.

1. Continuity and Cohesion

Our comprehensive curriculum is carefully designed to build upon itself from preschool to high school, providing a coherent arc across all grades, fostering connections across disciplines, and enabling students to delve deeper into their studies as they progress.

2. Collaborative Faculty 

Our dedicated faculty members collaborate not only within their own departments but also across campuses. This collaborative approach ensures consistency in teaching methods and content, promoting a seamless transition for students as they advance through different grade levels. For example, our Director of Curriculum and Instruction works closely with both elementary and secondary Math faculty to ensure a smooth progression of learning from elementary to high school mathematics.

3. Community Engagement 

Our school-wide events, such as Fun Fridays in the fall and spring, Parent Connect sessions, and various grade-level activities, provide opportunities for parents to meet and connect with other parents who share similar interests and have children in the same grade level. Whether it's cheering on teams from the sidelines or enjoying concerts and plays together, these occasions foster a sense of community and belonging among families within each grade level and campus, strengthening the bonds between parents and creating a supportive network that follows students throughout their preschool–12th-grade career. Because families share significant milestones and events together, they enjoy strengthened bonds and lasting memories across all grade levels.

4. Greater Academic Support 

With consistent exposure to the same pool of students year after year, teachers gain a thorough understanding of each student's unique strengths, challenges, and learning styles, fostering academic growth and success and developing a deep sense of trust and respect. Our academic team will get to know your child and how he or she learns, thus enabling them to provide better support for your child’s academic career. 

5. Closer Bonds

The continuity of relationships among students promotes a sense of belonging and camaraderie within our school community, enhancing the overall learning environment and contributing to students' social and emotional development. At Fremont Christian School, we believe that these close connections are invaluable, enriching the educational experience and creating a supportive network that extends far beyond the classroom — and high school graduation. We have several parent friendship groups still growing strong even after their children have finished college.

Fremont Christian is proud that so many families choose us for the entirety of their child’s formative education. Every student who attends from preschool through 12th grade receives special recognition as a 13-year student at their high school graduation. 

Six of our 2024 graduating seniors are also 13-year students (having attended FCS from kindergarten through 12th grade).

Student Testimonial

"My time at FCS has given me experience working closely with teachers and peers. In my future, I'll be able to use the skills I developed here to work collaboratively to solve problems and strengthen my abilities. Additionally, growing up around the same people has allowed me to develop a solid academic foundation that I will bring with me to college and beyond.

After-school programs in elementary school and theater and band in secondary school have allowed me to meet and connect students from different grades, who I've then been able to ask for help or help out. In the transitions to middle and high school, knowing older students was very helpful, and when I skipped a grade, I already knew some students who would be in my class. Without those programs, those periods in my life would have been a lot harder."

— Neil Makur, Class of 2024/13-year student

Big-School Opportunities in a Small-School Environment