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FCS was founded in 1968 by First Assembly of God of Fremont, now known as Harbor Light Church. The pastor and church envisioned offering a Christian education at all grade levels to any family in the community who would support FCS's purpose, policies and procedures. Every employee of Harbor Light/Fremont Christian School is an evangelical Christian regularly attending an evangelical church. It is our goal that every child who attends FCS would learn what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Fremont Christian School is led by Head of School, Dr. Tricia Meyer.

Get better acquainted with our administrative and office staff by reading through their profile. Scroll to the profile section, clicking to expand to learn more. You can also find an individual person by entering their name in the search bar within the profile section. 

Information available on this page: Administrators, Admissions & Records Office, Early Education Office, Elementary Office, Secondary Office, and Business Office. 



  • Dr. Tricia Meyer

    Head of School
  • Janine Sagherian

    Early Education Director
  • Rick Troia

    Elementary Principal
  • Cheryl Troia

    Secondary Principal
  • Thomas Bean

    COO Business Office
  • John Eshelman

    Facilities, Security, & IT Director

Office Staff

  • Danielle Gasper

    Director of Admissions Admissions & Records Office
  • Emily Bean

    Admissions & Marketing Specialist Admissions & Records Office
  • Jeanne Goodeill

    Elementary Administrative Assistant Elementary Office
  • Jimmy Fu

    Activities Director Secondary Office
  • Lauri Inman

    Admissions & Records Assistant Admissions & Records Office
  • Lonna Eshelman

    Extended Care Director Elementary Office
  • Lynn Jow

    Early Education Administrative Assistant Early Education Department
  • Maria Delarno

    Secondary Administrative Assistant Secondary Office
  • Marie Dawod

    Secondary Administrative Assistant Secondary Office
  • Melanie Williams

    Educational Technology Specialist Secondary Office
  • Melissa Sanguinetti

    Accounts Receivable Business Office
  • Michael Westphal

    Athletic Director Secondary Office
  • Nadine Arionus

    Secondary Vice Principal Secondary Office
  • Pam Hoops

    Elementary Administrative Assistant Elementary Office
  • René Reyes

    Early Education Registrar Early Education Department
  • Sonya Dutra

    Accounts Receivable Business Office
  • Sue Jones

    Accounts Receivable Business Office

Big school opportunities in a small school environment: Fremont Christian School partners with families to provide our every day kids both an extraordinary education and genuine encounters with Jesus, all within a community of compassion.