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Fremont Christian School uses a set of Expected Student Learning Results (ESLRs) in evaluating the success of our classrooms. 

A Sound Mind 

Students will be able to think critically, investigate the world, analyze information, draw conclusions, and apply these skills to demonstrate verbal, written, and technological competence in content areas.

A Sound Body 

Students will have a personal understanding and the skills necessary to preserve lifetime health and fitness. Students will view and treat their bodies as a physical presentation of themselves to the world, addressing themes related to health, fitness, hygiene, dress, and body image.

A Sound Spirit 

Students will have personal understanding of the biblical, Christian worldview and demonstrate the character reflected in the life of Christ.

A Sense of Community 

Students will demonstrate the interpersonal skills needed to understand and work effectively with others, showing respect for ethnic, cultural, social, generational, economic, and physical differences.

Big school opportunities in a small school environment: Fremont Christian School partners with families to provide our every day kids both an extraordinary education and genuine encounters with Jesus, all within a community of compassion.