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Congratulations, Class of 2018! 

These 60 graduates received over $5.1 million in academic merit scholarships & grants over the next four years. Information on College & University Admissions is listed within our 2018 Commencement Program.  

Class of 2018 Test Scores

SAT: The Top 25% of Class of 2018 earned a mean of 1373 on the SAT. Five students were commended for National Merit Scholarship. 

AP: In 2018, 106 FCS students took 235 AP exams in 24 subject areas, of which 74% scored a 3 or higher. In 2018, there were 15 AP Scholars, 5 AP Scholars with Honor, 13 AP Scholars with Distinction, and 3 National AP Scholars.

ACT: The Top 25% of Class of 2018 earned a mean of 30 on the ACT. In comparison, the California mean is 22.8 and the national mean is 20.9.

Click to view our full 2018 Commencement Program.

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