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Early Education: Oliver's News

September 28, 2017
By Admissions Office

This is the story of Oliver and how his time with the Young Preschool Department in FCS Early Education has helped him at home, shared by his parents:

Oliver has started to use words like “yes,” “no,” “milk,” “bus,” “stop,” “car,” “blue,” and more when at home. We are all very happy to see that.

He had a little separation anxiety at the first two weeks since it was a new environment, but now everything is going smoothly and it’s great.  Morning drop-off is very easy and no worries for us.

The most exciting thing is that he started showing interest in potty training. Without your help, he may not be able to learn that fast.

Thank you for teaching him how to interact with peers and learn valuable lessons such as how to share, follow instruction, and take turns. It also benefits him for kindergarten and beyond.

We are extremely grateful for your help.

Oliver's Family

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