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Unleashing School Spirit: An Inside Look at Spirit Week

February 28, 2024
By Fremont Christian School

Spirit Week at Fremont Christian School isn't just another week on the calendar — it's a vibrant celebration of unity, creativity, and school pride that brings together students and faculty in a whirlwind of activities and events. Led by Student Activities Director Jimmy Fu, Spirit Week offers a unique opportunity for students to showcase their talents, build lasting friendships, and create cherished memories.

Under the banner of this year’s theme of “Board Games,” the festivities kicked off on January 27th, with a flurry of activity as students dove into skit and dance rehearsals, each class guided by its respective advisor. As the day progressed, students came together for decoration setup in the gym, infusing the space with the vibrant energy of Homecoming and basketball excitement. The day culminated with more rehearsals, ensuring that every performance was polished to perfection.

Each class chose a different board game for their theme:

  • 9th grade: The Game of Life
  • 10th grade: Candy Land
  • 11th grade: Jumanji
  • 12th grade: Monopoly

Throughout the week, activities continued to captivate the school community, with classes earning points based on various criteria. Students gathered to engage in various games and challenges, showcase videos created by each class, perform energetic class dances, and take the stage with creative skits that highlighted their class unity and talent. Friday saw the Spirit Rally, featuring the introduction of the Homecoming court and a basketball game. The excitement culminated on Saturday with the dance, which had a masquerade theme this year.

This year’s winner of Spirit Week was the junior class. Congrats to them and everyone who participated!

Spirit Week’s Role at FCS

The week-long annual event aligns seamlessly with Fremont Christian School's values of unity, leadership, and holistic development. By fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, Spirit Week empowers students to embrace their unique talents and strengths while promoting collaboration and positive relationships among peers.

Mr. Fu employs various strategies to encourage student participation, emphasizing the value of teamwork, leadership, and personal growth. Through positive peer pressure and inclusive leadership, our Student Activities Director — himself an FCS alum — motivates students to actively engage in Spirit Week activities.

Student leaders play a pivotal role in organizing and leading Spirit Week activities. Tapping into their leadership skills, class presidents and council members collaborate closely with Mr. Fu to plan and execute various events, ensuring effective communication and coordination within their respective classes.

Mr. Fu’s Long History at FCS

In his role, Mr. Fu works closely with the student council to ensure that each class is on track with their assignments and collaborates with students to organize various activities throughout the week. He also promotes the culminating events of Spirit Week, including the Homecoming basketball game and dance, encouraging widespread participation and enthusiasm among the student body.

Mr. Fu's journey at Fremont Christian School has come full circle. As an international student from Taiwan, he graduated from FCS in 2006. After pursuing higher education and gaining experience in event management and hospitality, Mr. Fu returned to serve as a faculty member and youth leader. His deep-rooted connection to the school and his passion for student engagement drive his commitment to making Spirit Week a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Spirit Week is more than just a series of events — it's a celebration of community, teamwork, and the unique spirit that defines Fremont Christian School. Guided by Mr. Fu and fueled by the enthusiasm of students, Spirit Week continues to be a cherished tradition and a testament to the vibrant spirit and community ethos of Fremont Christian School.

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FCS Students Honored at Alameda Science Fair

April 13, 2023
By Fremont Christian School

FCS is honored to announce the participation of four of our students in this year’s Alameda County Science and Engineering Fair on March 26. Three of our students even brought home awards, which is a remarkable achievement, especially considering there were nearly 400 projects presented from middle and high schools.

Neil Makur with his project at the fair.

Ninth-grader Matthew Du, who was honored with third place in the category of High School Plant Sciences, Ecology, Agriculture, & Environmental Sciences, submitted his project on the effects of artificial or aquatic environments on crop yield, the results of which Matthew hopes will be scaled to benefit food production and reduce world hunger — an exemplary reflection of the community of compassion we strive to create at FCS. Matthew also took the time to present his project to his class after the fair.

Another such project came from eleventh-grader Neil Makur, who aimed to create an efficient algorithm to cost-effectively distribute extra food from donors to fulfill the needs of food banks. “The best part about my experience was the journey,” says Neil. “I was able to combine skills from AP Computer Science A and AP Stats, as well as knowledge from my volunteer work at the food bank and other math courses, into a project that is applicable in the real world — and get great results. Mrs. Mathews was a great support.” Neil placed third in High School Math, Astronomy, Physics.

Neil’s classmate Sophia Li took home fourth place in the category of High School Biomedical Science for her project on preventing dance injuries in teenagers. “I enjoyed the journey of this research project,” Sophia says, “especially because I'm able to tie together my passion for dance and science and present my findings to experts in the field.”

“We're grateful for the space of independent growth that FCS provides for students, which has enabled our daughter to transform from quiet to confident during her high school years so far,” her parents said in a note to our head of school, Dr. Tricia Meyer. “Thank you again for the school's attention to students.”

Tenth-grader Jared Jackson also participated in the fair, presenting his analysis of how potholes could be avoided — a noble cause indeed!

In addition to our future Nobel Prize winners, FCS also won the logo design competition. The winning trio of Daniel Du, Matthew Du, and Melody Zhang combined their creative talents to produce the image that appeared on much of this year’s fair marketing and merchandise.

FCS is very proud of all our science fair participants! Congratulations to you all!

If any student is interested in more information about participating in the ACS&E Fair or the logo competition, please see your science teacher.

International Students Enrich Our Campus

January 24, 2023
By Fremont Christian School

Almost as far back as its founding in 1968, Fremont Christian has welcomed international students into its classrooms. Although much has changed over the years, our school’s commitment to hosting students from abroad continues to enhance the educational experience for every member of our student body.

FCS’s international program allows our locally based students to learn firsthand about other cultures, which both enriches their curriculum and provides the opportunity to expand their worldview. In return, international students learn about our culture while improving their English skills and receiving a quality education.

For the 2022-2023 school year, FCS is hosting 13 international students, who hail from such diverse countries as China, Hong Kong, Italy, Myanmar, and Nepal. These students have the options of taking part in a homestay, as do Alex, Junlin, and Ryan with Head of School Dr. Tricia Meyer, or to reside with their own families nearby. FCS has hosted 196 international students over the last ten years.

“I like to teach local students to dive into a different culture and compare and contrast the differences between cultures,” says Ms. Frances Lin, who teaches English language development at FCS. “In my special J-Term class, conversational Chinese, not only do we learn daily conversation that will lead to our field trip to a Chinese restaurant where we can practice ordering, we also discuss the sweetness and temperature of food that play an important role in human longevity.”

Our international students feel a strong connection to FCS, staying with us an average 3.5 years, the majority of their high school career. Although much of this is due to the high level of education they are receiving, the bonds of friendship they form also play a decisive role.

“I thought that no one was going to talk to me because of my English language skills,” says Jerry Yang, a 9th grader from China, about his arrival at FCS. “But everyone is really nice and also patient.” He goes on to say how the FCS curriculum has exposed him to new subject matters, causing him to rethink his future plans. “FCS has built in me a lot of interest in arts and music. I used to think I would become a doctor or a soldier one day, to help others. But now I want to study the arts.”

Cultural exchange programs also have the power to break down stereotypes — on both sides. “A really big misconception I had about American schools mostly came from movies that depicted high school as just a place with long hallways and bullies shoving people into lockers,” says Suwon Htut, an 11th grader from Yangon, Myanmar. “My perspective has changed entirely. I now see American schools as being quite the opposite. FCS especially has a warm, welcoming staff and student population. I was really surprised at how friendly each and every single person I’ve ever talked to has been since I arrived.”

Ms. Lin goes out of her way to make international students feel at home. “During Lunar New Year, I give away treats and money red couplets with blessings from the Bible,” she says. “Every student likes the gifts, and our international students, who are thousands of miles away from their families, feel at home and loved during those special occasions. I teach all students the true meaning of Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Easter, so they all learn to feel the joy, love, and hope these occasions bring to them.” 

"We have a tiny home (1000 square feet!), but we have hosted international students since our son was in seventh grade,” says Dr. Meyer. Even with her son now away at college, she and her husband continue to host international students. “It is such a privilege to provide a second family to these young people. Our lives are enriched with an exchange of ideas and experiences born out of two very different cultural systems. We have even traveled to China, which gave us a special opportunity to experience our students’ culture.”

Dr. Meyer says she treasures her family’s close friendship with the Xu family, whose son they hosted for four years. The Xus’ son sang in choir and played soccer with Dr. Meyer’s son, Jake. The Meyers even traveled to China, where they spent time with the Xus visiting historic sites and being welcomed into their home. “We connected over our love for our children and our love for each other's children,” Dr. Meyer says. “Even several years after graduation, we are all in touch regularly. This is a lifetime connection."

If you are interested in hosting an international student, apply now to be a homestay family. 

Host an International Student

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